Contract Services

Part Time Attendance

a) Clients 0 to 100 Deliveries per month: - Attendance as per clients request.

b) Clients above 100 deliveries: - We offer attendance services where by our courier comes to your office twice per day to collect and deliver mail

i.e. in morning and afternoon or at a time of your choice.

Indoor Services

In this indoor service we give you a courier who will do all your indoor work, this is done in coordination with your office so that he/she can also take care of your outdoor work.

We do also provide receptionist services.

Stand by Motorbikes

To meet customer demands satisfactory, we station one courier and a motorbike on stand by to take care of your courier needs. The stand by courier could also help in sorting out mail in your office.

1st category 0-100 Deliveries per Month

a) 1-30 mails

b) 31-50 mails

c) 51-100 mails

2nd Category over 100 Deliveries per Month

a) Part time attendance (twice a day)

b) Indoor/Receptionist services

c) Stand by Motorbike Full Services, Fueled and a Rider

Why Us?

  • Strong Management
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Good Service Delivery
  • Law Compliance
  • Good Customer Relations
  • Door to Door Service

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