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We have a dedicated, trained and professional staff capable of serving you to your satisfaction in a very friendly manner. In addition, our staff continues to undergo regular and vigorous training to meet our standards and attain excellent professionalism in providing courier services.

All our staff are employed on a permanent term of employment and we have not had any history of service disruptions by staff through strikes and go‐slows. In the event of any disruptions at any time, there are clear contingency plans on what should be done to ensure continuity of services to the customer.

We trust we have interpreted your requirements correctly and await your further instructions. Kindly do not hesitate to contact me on +254 701 912 61 in the event that you would like further details or clarifications.

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Why Us?

  • Strong Management
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Good Service Delivery
  • Law Compliance
  • Good Customer Relations
  • Door to Door Service

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+254 701 912 613

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P.O Box 39692 – 00623,Nairobi
Tel: +254 701 912 613
Email: info@exodusparcels.com

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24 Hour Delivery

Timely, Efficient and Secure