Frequently Asked Questions

I can see from online tracking that my Parcels has been delivered to Exodus Parcelss , why is it not showing on my account?

Please allow at least 12 hours from when your Parcels arrives with us to when it appears checked in on your Exodus Parcels Account. Once it's checked in you can track its progress on your Exodus Parcels account.

My Parcels is missing what do I do?

We'll do what we can to help you find missing or delayed items but please remember we have no visibility of your order until it arrives into our Check-in centre. Please allow 8 hours from when your Parcels arrives with us until it is checked in on your Exodus Parcels account. We will therefore ask you to provide a tracking number and Proof of Delivery before we can initiate a search.

What sort of items can I have delivered to Exodus Parcels?

Exodus Parcels is suitable for most online purchases that fit within the size limitations, including fashion items, cosmetics, books, CDs and electronic goods. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, Debit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Aitel Money or even in cash

How long does it take for delivery to Exodus Parcels?

As soon as we receive your Parcels we will put it into your chosen Exodus Parcels within 1 working day. This is in addition to the transit time it takes depending on the distance. Please allow 8 hours from when your Parcels arrives with us until it is checked in on your Exodus Parcels account.

What if I am going away on holidays and there is a Parcels due to be delivered while I am away?

If you are going away for any reason and a Parcels is delivered to a Exodus Parcels whilst you are away, we recommend that you ask a friend or family member to collect your Parcels as it will incur an extra charge for every 48 hours it remains in our custody.

Will my Parcels be secure while being stored in the Exodus Parcels?

Each Exodus Parcels is situated in a well-lit, carefully selected, public area. Each Exodus Parcels unit is well sealed and lockers are equipped with secure locks made of reinforced steel.

What happens if my Parcels is lost or damaged in transit?

If the packaging is slightly damaged but the contents appear OK when it arrives at our Check-In centre, we will note it in our system that the packaging is damaged and we will deliver to your preferred Exodus Parcels.

Due to the large volumes of parcels being received at Exodus Parcels, it is not always possible for us to examine every item individually.

If a parcel gets lost, stolen or damaged while in transit from our receiving centre to your chosen Exodus Parcels, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How much does it cost to send items through Exodus Parcels?

Please visit contat us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a list of prices. Remember if you are returning an item to one of our partner retailers you may be entitled to free returns.

Can the Parcels be left without a signature?

No, we require a signature upon delivery

Can I send fresh produce?

No, we do not accept perishable articles and foodstuffs on the 2 day delivery service. They must be sent using the next day delivery service as a minimum requirement within the Kenya.

What are the size restrictions of the service?

The maximum length of any one parcel to travel on the Exodus Parcels service is 4 feet / 1.2 meters and the maximum volume of any one parcel is 4 cubic feet / 0.11 cubic meters. Undeclared oversized items will potentially be delayed within the parcel network and there is a much greater chance for damage to occur to your item.

I am trying to track my Parcels online; however the system has not updated my information. Why?

Due to system enhancements to improve our services we occasionally experience delays in information availability; we apologise for this. If you contact Exodus Parcels Customer Services we will attempt to track your Parcels by alternative means available. If you Parcels is showing no updates after 24 hours please contact us immediately.

What is the liability of signing for a package?

When you are signing for a package you are signing that the delivery has been 'received in good condition'. Once this is signed transit cover is then deemed void. If the external packaging is in good condition then there should be no reason to sign for the package as damaged. A parcel that has sustained damages with no external signs of damage is due to poor internal packaging and is not covered. If the parcels packaging is damaged on delivery please mark 'damaged' on the delivery note. Please be aware that packages marked 'unchecked' will not be accepted for a damage claim.

Where and how do I make a claim(s) for either loss or damage?

All claim forms MUST be sent to the Exodus Parcels office by post; any claim sent directly to the carrier will be rejected. There are specific deadlines and documents for claims which if not adhered to will result in claims rejections; we suggest you contact us within 3 days of any suspicion of loss or damage so we can best advise you.

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